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 USUV Clean partners with Santee-Lynches COG to protect school kids.


Sumter, SC – In a bold move, the Santee-Lynches COG fought for and acquired $1.5 million in funding to install Far-UVC Lights across four rural school districts. USUV Clean won the contract and is now in the process of completing the project. USUV Clean will install units first in Kershaw, followed by Lee, Sumter, and Clarendon School Districts. The systems are cutting-edge technology. Co-founder David Greenough stated, “We are honored to work with the Santee-Lynches COG to bring this technology to South Carolina a second time. We first installed the same technology on 331 school buses earlier this year.  This next step is a huge step forward in the COG and the schools controlling what they can control. When it is all said and done, the COG will have invested $2,358,437 into the schools.”

So why Far-UVC Lights? Great question!

First, let’s understand why COVID has wreaked havoc. COVID-19 is an upper respiratory infection. To better understand COVID-19 and any other upper respiratory virus, it is all about the “Air We Share.” People infected with the virus breathe or cough, releasing tiny airborne particles (droplet nuclei) into the air for a period. The suspended particles are very tiny and have the potential to impact others in the room.

How tiny? Great question!

A strand of human hair is between 60-120 micrometers wide. A micrometer is approximately .00004 inches. This means a strand of hair is around .0024 to .0048 inches wide.

Droplet nuclei are approximately 5 microns wide (.0002 inches), so you can see how easily they can linger in the air. As a result, they can now impact other people in the same room. Thus the “Air We Share” becomes a critically important matter.

Far UVC Light (222 nm) is 99.9% effective at killing all tested pathogens, including COVID-19 and SARS. The lights passively and proactively provide a significant degree of safety from airborne viruses. When outfitted correctly, the light saturates a room. Due to saturation, pathogens, whether airborne or surface-bound, are eliminated.

How? Another great question!

When a pathogen encounters Far-UVC Light, the DNA structure is disrupted and renders it unable to reproduce. As a result, it dies. So, imagine a room full of tiny virus nuclei floating around unimpeded. Now imagine a steady flow of tiny Jedis with tiny light sabers being emitted into the room continuously as the lights operate. These Jedis are working on your behalf, killing the virus nuclei passively and ongoing unbeknownst to you. This leads to better “Air We Share.”

The Center for Disease and Control (CDC) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommend 6-12 air exchanges per hour with NO virus.

Far UV Lights properly installed provide the equivalent of approximately 35 air exchanges per hour of the “Air We Share.” The impact of a room properly equipped is compounding, as one air exchange replaces about 67% of the “Air We Share” in the room. The subsequent air exchange produced by the lights replaces another 67% of the “Air We Share” in the room. After six air exchanges, approximately 99.7% of the air in the room has been replaced. Imagine how clean the air would be after 35 air exchanges in one hour.

This is why the technology is a game changer for the Santee-Lynches COG region schools. The technology provides air that gets as close to clean outside air as possible, and depending on where you live, it may be cleaner than outside air. Clinical testing showed that with Far UVC lights turned on, the pathogen load was reduced by 92% in 5-10 minutes.

Additionally, the lights will not penetrate the skin or the eyes, rendering them safe for use with humans occupying the same space. Greenough stated, “These are the projects I love to execute. We will be directly helping 33,729 rural South Carolina students, in addition to the teachers, administrators, and staff. We are helping them to have a safer school year”. As the project has gotten underway, Stephen Bowen, co-founder, stated, “We will have the schools up and running in no time. Our crews are top-notch! It is taking them approximately 30-45 minutes to complete an installation.” Greenough and Bowen also stated the installation will cover 72 school cafeterias, entranceways, or high traffic areas.”

Kudos to the Santee-Lynches COG and Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee, and Sumter school districts! Many talk about kids are the priority, but the COG showed it with their checkbook.

About USUV Clean (Returning Our World to Normal)

USUV Clean is a privately owned company founded by David Greenough and Stephen Bowen in May 2020. After both experienced traumatic events associated with loved ones acquiring an infection while undergoing medical procedures, they came together to provide proactive and practical solutions to keep them safer in their communities. USUV Clean seeks to provide effective, economical solutions and empower clients to keep their doors open while protecting occupants from pathogens, including COVID-19. They offer a wide array of services for governmental, residential, and commercial spaces. To learn more, visit:

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